A little bit about
the people/chefs
behind Dashi

A life long obsession and interest in good food has led us to explore as many 
different types of foods, in many of the countries our chefs have traveled 
to. Sushi proves to be one of our passions. The freshness of the food, the beauty in presentation, the overall health qualities, makes for a wonderful product.
The hot foods we cook everyday on our premises, proves to be very popular with our customers, again, taste, freshness & quality of ingredients are one of our key focus points.
Dashi loves to create their food from scratch, we love to smoke our own fish, bacon 
and duck, with light oak wood. All of our sauces, are made on premises. 
We are grateful to work with the finest produce available. Dashi has come a long way, from learning how to make sushi in a tiny Japanese kitchen, with our admired teacher, sensei Narihito, who's great enthusiasm after 30 years of making sushi and love of Japan, really inspired us, to make the best sushi we can. We hope you enjoy our sushi and hot foods, as much as we enjoy making them for you !